What is it you need right now?

is it to explore?

or to make a tricky decision?

maybe to get clarity on your next steps?

A single session of coaching could be just the thing you’ve been looking for!

I can be your sounding board, cheerleader or challenger during our time together.

A single session of coaching is ideal for…

  • exploring a new idea

  • setting a goal that’s just right for you
  • planning, in detail, just how to get to your goal

  • re-wiring with NLP
  • enjoying a tarot session to expand your thinking

… and I’ve got all the tools to help you with your thinking, exploring, deciding or planning, so that you’ll leave feeling refreshed, clear and ready to take your next steps.

Your investment: £100

Book your space here and I’ll be in touch to confirm a date and time that suits us both.

Please note, I allow just over an hour online and 90 minutes in person to allow spaciousness, & time to brew a good cup of tea.


There are 3 ways to use your session…

You can choose any of the following:

we can meet on a 1 hour zoom call

we can get outside for a walking coaching session

we can spend a full day chatting on Voxer

book here

This takes you to a payment site – and I’ll be in touch to agree a date and time with you.

“Sarah has completely changed my mindset regarding the way I approach certain aspects of my business.

I had an single coaching session with her and in a short space of time we achieved so much.

She quickly identified the issues; low confidence, lack of boundaries & some imposter syndrome… and when I left I felt able to achieve what I wanted and to not be scared of the outcome.

In fact, one of the things I said I could never ever do when we first started the session… I conquered the next day and have continued to use Sarah’s advice and guidance.

Certainly a very worthwhile investment to make when the results are so immediate. Thank you!

Sonya Jolly


“You gave me permission to do this.

You inspired me connect with my inner vision and (re)discover that I’m actually an emotionally intelligent, caring, kind, steadfast and stoical woman who can do anything she sets her mind to.

And now I feel like I am moving mountains.

I cannot thank you enough for this Sarah and I think every ‘lost’ woman needs to work with you because you have had a profound effect on my life.”

Ange Lea, Chair, I4YPC

“Coaching with Sarah is like getting the green light to go ahead when you’ve been stuck on red for years!”

G Robson

My story…

For many years I let self-doubt get in the way of me being me, or doing what I wanted, but honestly, I couldn’t see how I could change. Making decisions felt impossible, no-one understood and I felt very alone.

It sounds cheesy now but coaching was the turning point for me; it was the first time I realised that I wasn’t on my own, and that change was possible.

So, I learned how to untangle the ball of wool that is my self-doubt (and I share these tools with clients too, because as we grow, self-doubt can sneak back in) and I saw just what became possible as I allowed myself to believe in me

I qualified with Barefoot as a personal & business coach in 2018, and have since trained as an NLP Practitioner (with Master Practitioner on the way!) and a Time to Think Coach (an incredibly spacious way of coaching). Plus I’m trained to deliver DISC personality profiles. I’m committed to the ethics and standards of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and to my own continuous learning & development, including regular supervision.

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I feel more empowered & trusting of myself

I felt really safe to say as much or as little as I wanted in each moment & got some amazing clarity as Sarah gave me the space to explore my issue in my own time. That kind of gentle yet reassuring support isn’t easy to find.

She nudged me when I needed it and it actually felt really empowering to find the freedom to think and feel in the way that felt right for me.  

I now feel clearer, more focused and less worried about my next steps.

Katie Elsworth, Holistic Coach www.heartspacewellbeing.com


not ready for coaching?

My weekly accountability package is a great way to be fully supported in your business whilst checking out if we’re a great fit for working together more deeply. 

“Shift has been amazing for shifting me to a more positive mindset and helping me stay on track each week…

Previously I would set myself a huge to-do list each day or aim for a certain number of hours, and usually end up feeling I had failed.

This gentler, infinitely more positive goal-setting method has made me much more productive and focused. I also waste less time and energy being hard on myself.

I’m discovering there is always learning, an upside or a win to be found.”

Sarah Varley | Freelance copywriter | Letterpress Content