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While you’re here…

I’d love to help more women to feel great about their own worth, and I know this is where I can make an impact, 1-1 and with teams too.

Is there someone in your world who needs my work, an individual or a values-led organisation? Could you make an introduction that might lead to great things?

Or would you love to collaborate?!

You have my email & probably my phone number too, but if you’d like to chat a little differently, I’m loving Voxer just now & wonder if you’d like to chat there?

It’s spacious & introvert-friendly, and my favourite way of connecting.

Find out how in the box below…

How to join me on Voxer* for a no-strings chat

Here’s how it works…

  1. Download the Voxer app on your mobile or laptop
  2. Create a profile, or log-in if you’re on there already.
    • (Voxer is free to use and there are paid upgrades to the app c 20 GBP per year if you want more functions but honestly you don’t need it to just chat) 
  3. Connect with me by clicking here (
  4. Send me a text or voice message to start the conversation.
    • I will reply to you as soon as I can during my office hours and we can chat to and fro in between other tasks we both have scheduled that day.


* Voxer is a walkie-talkie style app where we can voice note and text – I use this app for adding depth to my work with clients and the reason I love it? It offers a great blend of in-the-moment conversation AND time for reflection, which as a slower-thinking introvert, I find really important.