Hello You


Do you have questions for me?

Are you thinking of working with me but the timing or price-point hasn’t yet been right?

Have you put off booking a virtual brew because it feels a bit formal or pressured*?

I’m inviting you to chat with me 1-1 during my ‘office hours’ this summer; every Tuesday 10am – 4pm.

I find Voxer a great place for informal chats; it’s spacious & introvert-friendly, and my favourite way of connecting.

Find out how in the box below…

* If you ARE wondering if I’ll use this time to “sell” to you… absolutely not! Never gonna happen! 

Our time will be simply to explore. Please know that I’ll never pressure you to work with me. 

Oh, and as experiments are a key part of my work this year, I do have a number of new packages and options up my sleeve right now, just waiting for beta testers, so if it feels good, ask me about these when we chat. 

How to join me on Voxer* for a no-strings chat

Here’s how it works…

  1. Download the Voxer app on your mobile or laptop
  2. Create a profile, or log-in if you’re on there already.
    • (Voxer is free to use and there are paid upgrades to the app c 20 GBP per year if you want more functions but honestly you don’t need it to just chat) 
  3. Connect with me by clicking here (https://web.voxer.com/u/sarahlynas)
  4. Send me a text or voice message to start the conversation.
    • I will reply to you as soon as I can during my office hours (Tuesdays 10-4pm) and we can chat to and fro in between other tasks we both have scheduled that day.


* Voxer is a walkie-talkie style app where we can voice note and text – I use this app for adding depth to my work with clients and the reason I love it? It offers a great blend of in-the-moment conversation AND time for reflection, which as a slower-thinking introvert, I find really important.