Discover your core values (free)

Living and working inline with your core values is an essential part of growing sustainable self-belief and setting your own strong boundaries.

In this free download I share my favourite way to discover your core values; it’s an uplifting and joyful process and goes deeper than many values exercises you may have tried before.

I'm ready to find mine!
Word of the Year (free)

A Word of the Year is quite simply a focus point for you, for your coming year. It is whatever you feel you need, right now, to support you, or challenge you, in the months ahead. You might also think of it as an Energy of the Year.

Your word can feel like a guide (especially in those moments when you’re feeling stuck!) and you can use it to help you set goals, make decisions, choose your next step…

yes please - let's find my word!
Ideal Day Visualisation (free)

Enjoy this free guided visualisation where you’ll uncover all the details of your ideal day – this is a useful technique for tuning into what it is you deeply desire in your life.

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My weekly-ish letters (free)

Join me as I share nurturing boosts of self-belief for quiet humans in my weekly-ish letters of possibility…

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Read my self-belief boosting blog for introverts (free)

Here you’ll find my thoughts from the journey… read about being an introvert in business, how decluttering can boost self-belief, how to untangle self-doubt and my musings on being yourself and owning your superpowers.

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Podcast... coming soon! (free)

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Courses & groups

Untangle: self-paced (£30)

Do you find yourself not quite getting round to the one thing you promised yourself you’ll do next, and before you know it, you’ve done 1,000 other things that weren’t as important?

If you’re feeling unable to move forward, stuck, questioning your every move, self-doubt could be what’s getting in the way.

This online self-paced workshop will help you understand how to shift from doubt to strong belief in yourself, including tools you can return to whenever you have a wobble.

I'm ready to shift self-doubt out of my way!
Creating Space for Self-Belief 5 week email course (£30)

Living & working in a space that nourishes you can be empowering and soothing for introverts and highly-sensitive people.

My five week email flow will guide you to create the space you need for ease, creativity and joy.

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The Unreal Business Owners Club (£30 per month)

Details coming soon!

This online space is for you if you don’t feel like a real business owner.

It’s a place for quiet women to share their business challenges, co-create solutions through the use of empowering questions & create nurturing connections.

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Believe: online (£70)

Come together in a safe space with other like-minded women to discover how self-doubt is holding you back, and how to shift it out of the way.

This workshop is available for individuals and also for businesses (email me for group rates)

2.5 hour online workshop

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Vision Board Workshop: online (£75)

Create your empowering vision!

This popular afternoon workshop is available throughout the year; sign up to my newsletters to be the first to hear about new dates. 

Available for individuals or groups (email me for group rates)

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Reclaim your Spark: self-paced (£150)

The Reclaim your Spark online self-paced workshop is coming soon

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Vision Board Workshop: in person (£125)

Vision Boards, alpacas & fizz!

Join me in the Ribble Valley (Lancashire) for an unforgettable in-person vision board experience!

Meet the alpacas, enjoy lunch & fizz and soak up our amazing views whilst you create your vision for the coming year.

tickets Email me for dates, or group rates for your team
Reclaim your Spark: group (£520)

Reconnect with YOU!

Reclaim your Spark is a six-week group coaching experience where you get to reconnect with YOU, rediscover what lights you up and find your joy.

We start week commencing 12th September 2022.

Email me, or sign up below to get your name on the waiting list to hear more!

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Work with me 1-1

Explore Hour (£150)

Want to explore what’s possible? Set some clear goals or design your path ahead?

Available in person (near Clitheroe) or online via Zoom, you’ll finish our time together feeling empowered and ready to take your next steps – I’ll be cheerleading you all the way!

“Sarah has completely changed my mindset regarding the way I approach certain aspects of my business.” Sonya

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Coaching & mentoring (packages start at £500)

When you are ready for the full support of 1-1 coaching & mentoring to grow you and your business, book a call to find out how I work and whether we’re a good fit for one of my coaching packages.

Read more here, or go ahead and book your call below.

Shift: Accountability for freelancers (£125 per month)

What if…

… instead of working alone, you knew that someone was right there with you every week, checking in, supporting you, caring.

🌟 Imagine how much further you could go with someone by your side…

🌟 Imagine having someone right there to celebrate the wins and support you through the wobbles…

🌟 Imagine trusting yourself more each week as you feel the new momentum you really can create?


My Shift accountability calls do all that and more!

DISC personality profile... & how to use yours! (£350)

Understanding your own communication preferences can infinitely improve your interactions, your boundaries and your self-esteem.

This package includes a detailed DISC report plus two hours of coaching (over 2-e weeks) to ensure you can start applying this discovery to your world in a super effective way from the very start.

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Voxer support (coming soon!)

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“Coaching with Sarah is like getting the green light to go ahead when you’ve been stuck on red for years!”

G Robson