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Human Design is powerful…

but wow, is it complicated when you first take a look! 

My mission is to simplify your chart so that you can start using it right away and make a difference to your life. 

The most common thing that clients say to me is:

“This feels like permission to be ME!”


Human Design feels like a sigh of relief, as you understand how you’re designed to be!

“Years of puzzle pieces fell into place during our sessions, and I felt a deep alignment and validation”

Are you ready for full permission to be you?

When you understand how you are designed, your energy, your superpowers and how you connect, you build a deep trust and confidence in yourself. You’ll find it easier to make clear decisions and take aligned action in your life, family and work.

“Since my human design coaching sessions I worry less about what I ‘should’ be doing and now just flow with myself more, feeling self-confidence to gain a stronger sense of self.”

Human Design is your unique user manual.

It’s a map of you, showing you how to be the most YOU you can be, how to work with your energy and how to make decisions that are just right for you.

You can find your purpose, your ideal environment & your superpowers on this map.

I help women like you to:

  • get super clear on your purpose
  • understand your gifts & where to find them
  • trust your decision making

When we work together I create your unique chart (using your birth time, date & location) to share with you. We can then explore this map of you during an Unpack session where we explore the key elements of your chart; Type, Strategy, Authority & Profile Lines. This includes a bespoke PDF which you can return to anytime.

Or you can choose a deeper journey where we go further into your design, exploring your key themes and gifts, how you connect with friends & family, as well as identifying your ideal environment to keep your body and mind healthy.

Human design coaching

Bring your design to life

4x 60 mins £320

+bespoke PDF

+Whatsapp / Voxer support


  • What’s my purpose?
  • How can I understand myself & my family better?
  • What are my gifts and superpowers?

Human Design can help you answer so many questions, and give you more and more permission to live in exactly the right way for you.



Once you know the basics of your design, I’ll guide you to explore other areas of your Human Design chart, using it to make sense of any challenges in your work or relationships.


Together we’ll explore:

  • Personality Sun – your brightest energy
  • Channels – your consistent energetic themes
  • Centre Definition – your consistent vs flexible energies & how these interact with other people
  • Deconditioning – shining the light on the shadows and journeying to the lighter, gift state
  • plus we’ll intuitively follow the map to uncover what it is you need right now to make the changes you’re ready for right now.


I’ll super-charge the experience by weaving in my favourite tried and tested coaching techniques to support you as you embed any changes you want to make.

Support between calls by WhatsApp or Voxer means that you can ask questions in real time, leading to faster, deeper transformation.

** this 4 session package can include your Unpack, so it can look like…

  • 1 unpack + 3 coaching / exploring sessions
  • or 4 coaching / exploring sessions (if you’ve already had an Unpack)
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What is Human Design?

Human Design is a blend of modern astrology, the chakra system, the Kabbalah tree of life and the I-Ching, Chinese book of life – that’s a lot, right?!

Often people are put off finding out more because it looks like too much to figure out, and the generic information can be confusing.

My mission is to simplify Human Design and help you unlock some very simple tools hidden in your chart, giving you ultimate permission to live in a way that works for you, by design. 

“ahhh now I see how it works, it made no sense from what I’d read”

Human Design is the ultimate profiling tool.

  • It’s a guide to your energy and a permission slip to show up as yourself, all the time.
  • It’s a practical and usable map of your strengths, your shadows, your purpose in the world.
  • It’s the simplest way I know to find, love and trust yourself.
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The hour spent with Sarah gave me tremendous insight

“For anyone wanting to understand more about themselves I thoroughly recommend Sarah’s Human Design Unpack. I had heard about Human Design before, but I wasn’t really sure what it all meant. 

The hour spent with Sarah gave me some tremendous insight and I had three specific occasions from my past show up as we were talking, concrete examples of where this absolutely illustrates my own Human Design, and how I can make the most of this going forward.”

Lou Muratori, Professional Organiser Be Clutter Free


Who am I?

I’m Sarah and I’m a 4/6 Sacral Generator with the Right Angle Cross of Laws.

I’m on the planet to do the work I love, to tell stories, provide gentle & rebellious leadership and reimagine the rules we live by.

I LOVE my design and I just know you’ll love yours too.

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Sarah helped open my mind to Human Design

“After my session with Sarah exploring my Human Design type, I have been intrigued and wanting to explore more ever since. It was fascinating! I had to remind myself a few times that my “type” is how my true, authentic self should be… not necessarily how I’ve been showing up (this will make sense  after your session with her!). It was so enlightening. 

Sarah’s approach is so refreshing too; open minded, non-judgemenal, non-assuming, explorative & curious. She certainly helped to open my mind about Human Design & everything we discussed in the session. Still so much to explore with her – its mind blowing!”

Stacey Painter, Reflexologist & Wellbeing

I was surprised how accurate it was!

My Human Design Unpack was great. Sarah is very friendly and easy to talk to; she explained how Human Design works, before explaining my profile. I was surprised with how accurate it was! Sarah also suggested a few things that would benefit me. All in all I would recommend this, and would love another session to go deeper into some of the areas we touched on during this Unpack.”

Jacqueline Wallace


“Sarah has completely changed my mindset regarding the way I approach certain aspects of my business.

I had an single coaching session with her and in a short space of time we achieved so much.

She quickly identified the issues; low confidence, lack of boundaries & some imposter syndrome… and when I left I felt able to achieve what I wanted and to not be scared of the outcome.

In fact, one of the things I said I could never ever do when we first started the session… I conquered the next day and have continued to use Sarah’s advice and guidance.

Certainly a very worthwhile investment to make when the results are so immediate. Thank you!

Sonya Jolly

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“You gave me permission to do this.

You inspired me connect with my inner vision and (re)discover that I’m actually an emotionally intelligent, caring, kind, steadfast and stoical woman who can do anything she sets her mind to.

And now I feel like I am moving mountains.

I cannot thank you enough for this Sarah and I think every ‘lost’ woman needs to work with you because you have had a profound effect on my life.”

Ange Lea, Chair, I4YPC

“Coaching with Sarah is like getting the green light to go ahead when you’ve been stuck on red for years!”

G Robson

My story…

For many years I let self-doubt get in the way of me being me, or doing what I wanted, but honestly, I couldn’t see how I could change. Making decisions felt impossible, no-one understood and I felt very alone.

It sounds cheesy now but coaching was the turning point for me; it was the first time I realised that I wasn’t on my own, and that change was possible.

So, I learned how to untangle the ball of wool that is my self-doubt (and I share these tools with clients too, because as we grow, self-doubt can sneak back in) and I saw just what became possible as I allowed myself to believe in me

I qualified with Barefoot as a personal & business coach in 2018, and have since trained as a Master NLP Practitioner and Time to Think Coach (an incredibly spacious way of coaching).

I am also trained to deliver DISC personality profiles, as well as read Human DesignHuman Design charts.

I’m committed to the ethics and standards of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and to my own continuous learning & development, including regular supervision.

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Sarah Lynas - Confidence Coach

I feel more empowered & trusting of myself

I felt really safe to say as much or as little as I wanted in each moment & got some amazing clarity as Sarah gave me the space to explore my issue in my own time. That kind of gentle yet reassuring support isn’t easy to find.

She nudged me when I needed it and it actually felt really empowering to find the freedom to think and feel in the way that felt right for me.  

I now feel clearer, more focused and less worried about my next steps.

Katie Elsworth, Holistic Coach


not ready for coaching?

My weekly accountability package is a great way to be fully supported in your business whilst checking out if we’re a great fit for working together more deeply. 

“Shift has been amazing for shifting me to a more positive mindset and helping me stay on track each week…

Previously I would set myself a huge to-do list each day or aim for a certain number of hours, and usually end up feeling I had failed.

This gentler, infinitely more positive goal-setting method has made me much more productive and focused. I also waste less time and energy being hard on myself.

I’m discovering there is always learning, an upside or a win to be found.”

Sarah Varley | Freelance copywriter | Letterpress Content