for entrepreneurs, creatives & healers who want to understand themselves fully & live a more easeful life


simplifying Human Design so you can actually use your chart & feel more like you, today 

Discover the 3 key elements of your Human Design chart that can help you to quickly:

💫 boost your confidence as you know exactly who YOU are

🌟 make quicker, clearer decisions

✨ live with more ease and flow, every day

Human Design is powerful…

but wow, is it complicated when you first take a look! 

My mission is to simplify your chart so that you can start using it right away and make a difference to your life. 

The most common thing that clients say to me is:

“This feels like permission to be ME!”


What can you use it for?

I help clients to use Human Design for so many things:

  • confidence
  • understanding themselves
  • clarity on life purpose
  • deconditioning from unhelpful beliefs
  • a clear sense of identity
  • taking ownership of their strengths
  • marketing for business
  • harmony within the family
  • how to best digest food
  • the healthiest environment
  • and so much more!
Sarah Lynas - Confidence Coach

Hello you

I’m Sarah, a creative midlife introvert & 4/6 sacral generator

I’m on the planet to do the work I love, be a catalyst for change, provide gentle & rebellious leadership and reimagine the rules we live by.

I’m also a certified Human Design Coach & qualified Life Coach & Master NLP Practitioner, and I’m here to untangle and demystify your chart for you so that you can life and work exactly as you’re designed to.