This is for you if you can just FEEL that spark of possibility…

🌟If you just know you can do more with your life…

🌟If you want to say “I feel like me today…” every day

🌟And if you’re ready to stop holding yourself back!

Hey, when you’re busy looking after everyone around you and you give all your energy to family or work, I know it can feel self-indulgent to take time for you, invest in your future, but YOU are the only one who can do this 🙌

Your Reclaim your Spark group experience will include:

  • four powerful modules
  • detailed workbooks to guide you through each step
  • private podcast for if you prefer audio

“It’s surprising how much it’s affected my business & my focus; I’m thinking with more clarity.

Plus I’m more organised in my business AND I’ve found out where I was giving away my profits!”

Su Menzies-Runciman ~ Artist

The Detail: 

When you sign up, you will receive a link to a dedicated learning space including the following:

– four powerful workshops 

– detailed workbooks to guide you through each step

– bonus material to enhance the programme (which I will continue to add to!)

“I gained real clarity over what I enjoy doing, for who and in what way; I now have a clear vision.

Sarah was calming & inspiring, and gently teased out the answers I already had within me

Pam Clarke 

Reclaim your Spark (self-paced) £150 

VIP option (includes Voxer) £350

To find out more about the VIP option, drop me a line right here.

Hey, I’m Sarah.

Introvert, mum & coach for midlife women in business. I’m passionate about helping you believe in yourself, be kind to yourself, live the life you deserve and define ‘success’ in a way that works for you.

As a recovering self-doubter, I absolutely get the need to grow at your own pace, bringing your comfort cape on the journey with you; along with sharing all I know about untangling self-doubt and finding clarity and energy in your life, I also bring all my coaching, business & life skills to my work plus a generous dose of calming energy; the results are magical!


“Working with Sarah is like getting the green light to go ahead & do what you need to do, when you’ve been stuck on red for years” G Robson

Some of the great results previous attendees have shared:


🌟Regained focus after losing way in the business

🌟Created a clear business vision, getting super clear on their ideal client, allowing them to release energy-sapping work, making space for clients who bring joyful work

🌟Organised their workspace

🌟Gained clarity on profitable products and fixed niggles

🌟Discovered how to balance logic and creativity in order to create a sustainable business

🌟Opened up some “unexpected, surprising results around a whole new area of business which will expand reach; fascinating!”

Reclaim your Spark comprises four workshops to work through at your own pace.

Are you in? Sign up below 👇​ for instant access

If you have any questions please email me, or DM me on social media,

I’d love to answer your queries.

How is the course delivered?

When you sign up, I will send you the details to a password protected area where you can access all the course material, videos and workbooks. You can email me with queries about the course anytime.

Is there a live version?

I do run a live round of Reclaim your Spark once or twice a year currently; you will receive a discount to attend a live round if you’d love to do this.

Simply contact me when you see it advertised in my newsletter!

Sign up here if you’re not already on the list…

How do I know if it's for me?

You’ll probably have a good feeling already, and if you’re asking if it’s for you, that’s a good sign! Please do book a virtual brew with me if you’d like to ask any questions to be sure, especially if you’re considering the VIP option. The link is just here.

Do you offer refunds?

I know that this course delivers great value if you’re willing to dive in, do the work, and take your next steps, and so I don’t offer refunds. I am however more than happy to hear your thoughts if you find something that could be improved.

What support will there be?

For any technical queries I’m always at the end of an email.

If you know you would like my support as you work through the course you can choose the VIP option where you’ll get my 1-1 support via Voxer – this is definitely a great way to super-charge your experience if you haven’t already tried it! Book a call to discuss this option.

Alternatively you might like to try my Shift accountability package alongside this course; 15 minute weekly calls to keep you on track!

I’m ready!


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