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Why experimenting is essential for self-belief

Experimenting is an essential part of escaping self-doubt… but when you’re full of self-doubt already, [...]

Why we need to celebrate the small things

When do you celebrate? How do you celebrate? And do you celebrate enough? I’m writing this in May, [...]

Building core strength: self-worth & how to boost it!

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You’ve had 156 wins this year (and how I know I’m right)

As we come to the end of 2021, let me share with you one of [...]

Why having a vision is so important

By creating yourself a motivating vision of your future, you'll energise yourself to head in [...]

As a good friend often reminds me… it ain’t bragging if you done it

How can I, already overwhelmed with balancing family, home and my small business, possibly help [...]

Have you found your Word of the Year yet?

A Word of the Year is quite simply a focus point for you, for your [...]

My favourite tip for building self-belief

We're taught not to brag. But is it bragging if you've done it? And how [...]

The one where I reclaim my workspace

My top tips for reducing overwhelm and turning a messy spare room into a peaceful [...]

Why, as an introvert, I don’t like the word ‘declutter’

Once you've seen how much positivity you can gain from decluttering you'll be hooked into [...]