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Why experimenting is essential for self-belief

Experimenting is an essential part of escaping self-doubt… but when you’re full of self-doubt already, [...]

Why we need to celebrate the small things

When do you celebrate? How do you celebrate? And do you celebrate enough? I’m writing this in May, [...]

What if ‘missing out’ became ‘opportunity’?

Missing out is uncomfortable isn't it? I bet we all recognise that feeling, and we've [...]

Why ‘missing out’ feels uncomfortable for introverts (and it’s not the reason you think)

As introverts it's tempting to feel we should mould ourselves to fit in… and that missing out [...]

3 introvert-friendly ways to boost self-confidence

Have you got that core strength? I mean that deep, deep knowledge that, whatever you [...]

Why we need challenge AND support to grow

It’s no surprise to me that as a highly-sensitive introvert with internal cycles, my energy [...]

What it might really mean when you think you’re missing out.

Ever feel you're missing out? I used to feel like this often... I never asked [...]

Why I’m thinking twice about a ‘return to normal’

To be honest, I don’t like the idea of 'reentry'. It implies a one-way journey [...]

My favourite tip for building self-belief

We're taught not to brag. But is it bragging if you've done it? And how [...]

How connection supports me in my business

I believe we all need connection and support; wherever we are on the introvert / [...]