I created this Advent Calendar in 2020, as a way of sharing my joy in coaching and encouraging more quiet humans to see just what is possible for them.

What could we do in just one hour? Read on…

(or go ahead and book if you’re ready!)

My advent calendar is for you if:

    • you’re intrigued about what coaching actually is…
    • you’re stuck on something & you’re ready to get unstuck…
    • you’re thinking about coaching with me from January and you’d like a single session to boost your self-belief right now!


What could we do in one hour?

You might be wondering if you can achieve much in a single hour… and it’s a great question! The answer, of course, is yes.


Here are some ways we can use our time…

๐ŸŒŸ Untangling one thing that’s holding you back just now, and creating some clear actions for you to take away.

๐ŸŒŸ Choosing an area of your life or business that you’d love to explore & really opening up your thinking so you take away a host of new possibilities.

๐ŸŒŸ or if you fancy something completely different for a pre-Christmas treat, you could opt for an oracle card or tarot reading…!


Note: I don’t usually offer one-hour sessions… NOT because they can’t be super-impactful, but because I love the energy of working with clients for longer, building up a deep trust and watching the journey of transformation close-up!



I know that a decision to invest in yourself and your business can feel exciting and scary at the same time, which can put some people off booking coaching.

When you book onto my Advent Calendar, it is for a single, one-hour session and, although I will let you know how you CAN work with me further, if you’d like to do so, I promise there will be no pressure to work with me again, ever.


I feel more empowered & trusting of myself

I felt really safe to say as much or as little as I wanted in each moment & got some amazing clarity as Sarah gave me the space to explore my issue in my own time. That kind of gentle yet reassuring support isn’t easy to find.

She nudged me when I needed it and it actually felt really empowering to find the freedom to think and feel in the way that felt right for me. ย 

I now feel clearer, more focused and less worried about my next steps.

Katie Elsworth, Holistic Coach www.heartspacewellbeing.com