Welcome to…The Courage Club

a space to grow in confidence AND business!

Because I know that when you have your own business, you can easily go around in circles… and even though you really don’t want a job again, you still miss the team vibe sometimes. A place to bounce ideas around and people who just know whether it’s a hug or a kick up the backside that you need most right now.

The Courage Club is that place, where you get to share thinking, to be supported and challenged to grow in a way that works for you.


How does The Courage Club work?

  • we’ll meet up once a month for group coaching & problem solving: this will be a mixture of online and in-person (I’m in Clitheroe, Lancashire and in-person meetings will be at my home, or somewhere nearby, in September, December, March and June)
  • we’ll have a private online space to stay connected between meetings … and this is where I’ll be sharing my favourite tools, tips and resources with you
  • and you’ll get preferential rates on my coaching & accountability packages too

Who is The Courage Club for?

This space is for you if…

  • you work on your own, either in your own business, or as a leader in a charity or SME
  • your business is established and you’re ready for the next stage of growth, but you’re not quite sure if you’re brave enough, or where to start
  • you’re full of ideas – so many in fact that it’s overwhelming and you can’t figure out which to go ahead with, so you end up doing nothing, and it’s denting your confidence
  • you want a supportive place where you feel safe to share and be fully yourself, wobbles and all
  • you’re open to thinking differently and being challenged, in the right environment
  • you’re not quite ready to invest in 1-1 coaching but you are ready to explore how a coaching approach can help you grow (OR you’re already thinking of coaching with me and you’d like to test me out before working 1-1!)

How long can I join for and how much is membership?

  • The Courage Club is an ongoing membership group, and there are 6 spaces open now at a founders rate of £50 per month (if you join at this rate it will remain fixed for the first 12 months)
  • I’m asking members to commit to a minimum of three months; this is to help create the safe, trusted environment that will deeply support your growth
  • Our first official meeting is Tuesday 6th September but there is a bonus meeting in August for members who sign up by the end of July 🌟

And, does it really work to be in a group like this?

Yes, it does!

Over the last few years, I’ve seen how powerful a group of women can be. I’ve been privileged to host dozens of these groups, witnessing the unfolding, the vulnerability, the fierceness and ultimately the change and growth of the group members…

Here are a few words about what it’s like to be in a group with me:

“it was a space to be honest and open, with like-minded people I felt comfortable with”

“a great atmosphere, just what I needed to refocus my business and get me thinking”

“I’ve been going round in circles… it’s sooo good to have people to talk to about this stuff!”

“during your workshop, you allowed me the time to explore what’s going on in my own mind, the crazy ideas, the vulnerabilities and the magic that could happen…”


Are you ready to be courageous? Are you ready to grow your confidence and your business?

To join the Courage Club, or find out more, email me or message me on (you can message anytime to talk about the Courage Club, it doesn’t have to be a Tuesday!)