Get un-tangled from the self-doubt that’s holding you back!

During this workshop you’ll learn my favourite tools for shifting that imposter-y feeling and replacing it with energy & belief.

When you doubt yourself at every turn it can feel like wading through treacle, and that makes it hard to move forward. You might also be berating for not magically fixing it on your own… which of course makes you feel even worse.

Around 80% of us feel that imposter-y self-doubt, so you are not alone! And I want you to know there is a gentle and powerful way of moving around the doubt and sliding out into the sunny place of sustainable self-belief.

In this online workshop I’ll be inviting you to work on one area of stuck-ness as we untangle it together, leaving you with a clear path ahead, and your next steps planned out (this is so you don’t leave with all good intentions and then NOT do the next bit, because that would only boost the doubt, which is the opposite of what we want to do!) 

We’ll be on zoom for around 90 minutes.

The details:

  • 7pm – zoom opens 10 mins before if you want to arrive early, check your tech & settle in.

  • During the call I’ll invite you to join in using the chat function; you can choose if your camera is on or off, whatever feels good.
  • 8.30pm – we’ll wrap up with a promise of accountability to follow (by email)

What to bring:

  • Your journal and a pen – I’ll be inviting you to journal and make notes