Learn how to gently set goals for your life and business that actually work:

In this powerful and easeful online workshop you’ll discover how to approach goal-setting in a relaxed and intuitive way, leaving you energised to get going right away!

Goals are actually good for your self-belief!

I know that sounds unlikely; bear with me…

Believe it or not, 80% of people don’t have written goals… because even though goals can bring us focus and motivation, most of us expect the exact opposite – fear and doubt – and so goal-setting is often something we put off as business owners (and as humans too) – instead we ask…

  • How are we supposed to know what goal to choose?
  • Should the numbers be bigger? smaller?
  • What if I fail? and what if someone sees me fail?!

I get it. We feel like goals will only cause more self-doubt… I’ve been there too.

And in my work I so often come across the same aversion; to owning what we really want, in our work, and in our lives, just in case we can’t have it – and instead of feeling empowering, goal setting can feel like the very thing that will trip us right up.

But when you learn how to set the right goals, and adopt a healthy mindset about them too, it all just flips, and you get to experience the heady joy of stating what you want AND going for it!


What will the workshop cover?

In this one hour session, you’ll discover all I’ve learned about goals, about the negative impact of not-having-goals, and about how self-doubt can get in the way of the right goals.

You’ll then be guided through setting your own goal, one that really feels good for you, including identifying your first steps towards it.

You’ll leave with some mindset tools, your next-steps towards your chosen goal and a promise of accountability.


Why do I include accountability?

Accountability can be a key part of meeting your goals, so I’ll also be checking in with you by email to find out how you’re moving towards your new goal. I’ll email you one week after the workshop and one month afterwards, and I’ll be reading all of the responses, and cheering you on too!


The details…

When: Tuesday 7th June, 1pm-2pm

Where: Online (there will be a replay for anyone who can’t make it live)

What to bring: pen and paper, or your journal – I’ll be asking you some questions to get you thinking!

Anything else? During the workshop, you’ll be able to interact in the chat, and you can choose if your camera is on or off (though it’s lovely to see faces, I know that not everyone is comfortable with that). And I’ll be asking you to be open to the process, allowing it to unfold and knowing you’ll take from it as much as you need on the day.

How I went from ‘stuck’ to ‘action’

“Before working with Sarah I felt unsure about whether and how to pursue my work goals; I was worried about whether my ideas would be deemed silly, rejected or criticised and so sat with them and did nothing…

It was great to have someone help me to see how deeply my self-doubt holds me back, how I have been stuck unable to pursue my goals out of fear of rejection. 

But now, I can see where self-doubt is showing up and the biggest change I’ve noticed is an attitude of ‘just do it’ – less over-thinking, more action!”

G. Robson