If you’re feeling a spark of possibility just now… and you’re ready to turn it into something real and sustainable, I created Reclaim your Spark for you.

In this gentle and impactful online course you will get:

  • four guided workshops to take at your own pace
  • an empowering vision of where YOU want to go
  • my favourite tool for uncovering your core values
  • a super-clear actionable next-steps plan to take you forwards 
  • and of course, all the self-belief boosts you’d expect when you work with me!

self-paced ~ online ~ instant access


“mindblown & motivated!”

What previous attendees have said...

“it brought some unexpected, surprising results around a whole new area of business which will expand my reach – fascinating!”


Looking now at the work I’ve done on Reclaim your Spark I am now taking actual action to change how I’m working…. This is as a direct result of being on the course, so thank you!


“It’s surprising how much it’s affected my business and my focus…
my business is the vehicle to get me the life I want and it’s got me thinking with more clarity.

I got a lot more out of it than I thought I was going to.

I didn’t realise how powerful the work would be! I didn’t realise how much I’d cut off my logical side to embrace creativity and in reality I need both to create a sustainable business, very insightful.

I was sceptical as I’d tried it before on my own; the vision board was so surprising and actually showed me something new, that I’m not doing now.

For me it’s important to bring your comfort blanket along you as you grow your comfort zone slowly, you’re the first person I’ve heard not suggesting I just get out of my comfort zone.

It’s an incredibly powerful experience and has the potential to be life-changing.”

Su Melville, artist

As a sensitive mid-40’s introvert, I want you to know that I understand not all energies are the same! So all my courses & workshops are all designed with quiet or sensitive people in mind.

You can expect a blend of down-to-earth sharing, powering NLP techniques and gentle encouragement.