Having spent much of my life trying to fit in, thinking I was somehow not enough and feeling like I had to mould myself to the world around me, it was incredibly freeing at last to value and embrace being an introvert and highly-sensitive-person, and discover how that combination is actually my superpower.

Just as excitingly, I found out that my self-doubt was truly untangleable. And this marked a turning point in my life.

Much of this journey I owe to coaching, and it’s my mission now to support quiet women to own who they really are, and work in a way that’s right for them.

I believe…

… that we all have so much to offer… to the right people

(and that no, not everyone will appreciate your quiet brilliance)

… that it is possible to grow your self-belief AND your confidence, even if it’s not a linear journey

… that you can do WAY more than you think you’re capable of

… that even if you don’t feel like a “real business owner or leader” you can find your own way of doing things and still run a thriving business 

… that when you find what lights you up, you get way more focused and stop worrying about your next steps

my journey to here…

I remember growing up with a deep knowledge that I would be “quite something“.

And then, I wasn’t.

Looking back I see that it all started going wrong as I set out for college, choosing a-levels that weren’t right for me, doing what-was-expected and then not knowing how to make it all right. I stopped making decisions that were based on what I really wanted, and continued to lose my sense of me, year after year.

There were opportunities to fulfil my youthful ambition of unspecified greatness. And yet, I held back. I did great things (but I couldn’t see the value I added) I talked myself down (and didn’t believe anyone who disagreed) I worked in, added to and learned about every area of business.

But I still didn’t feel good enough and I still held back. 

Discovering coaching, opened up my mind to possibility.

🌟The possibility that I could, someday, feel enough.

🌟The possibility that I could re-train, become a coach myself.

🌟And the possibility that I could work with women who are held back by their own self-doubt, ambitious, frustrated and entirely wonderful… if only they could see it.

Which is exactly why I created all you see here, supporting women to believe deeply in themselves, exactly as they deserve to.


I’ve designed my business in a way that allows me to share my skills and time with charities and education providers too, plus I’m committed to offering my work in a broad range of formats and price brackets to keep it as accessible as possible; you have permission to call me out if you don’t see this happening!

Who am I in my work?

As a coach and mentor I’m quietly energetic, fully endorsing the use of comfort capes on your journey, encouraging experimentation, growth and rest; the right balance of cheerleading and challenge.

I believe in continuous learning & development, and started my journey with a diploma in personal and business coaching, always following the ethics and standards of the ICF, and committed to regular supervision.

I’ve trained as a Time to Think coach, Human Design guide, DISC profile provider and NLP Master Practitioner, so my clients benefit from a wide range of modalities and tools to support conscious and subconscious growth and development.

And I offer Time to Think facilitation to organisations who are ready to hear ALL the voices in the room, because I passionately believe quiet voices bring so much value wherever they are heard.

What’s my design?

I’m a 4/6 Sacral Generator with the Right Angle Cross of Laws.

I’m on the planet to do the work I love, to tell stories, provide gentle & rebellious leadership and reimagine the rules we live by.

Leaning into my human design is the most powerful confidence building thing I’ve done on my journey so far.

discover your design

My pledge to ethical marketing:

I made the ethical move to be a breath of fresh air in a world of cringe-worthy tactics AND to inspire others to join us.

I’m championing doing things differently and doing things right. I want my people to come with me because it’s right for them, not because it’s right for me.

And I give full permission to anyone to call me out if I’m marketing unethically in any way, at any time.

5 things about you might not know about me…

✨I love the cycle of chaos & order (it’s in the heart of my human design) so much so that I leaped into a four-year design-and-build project in the Ribble Valley without a second thought (although if ask me to organise family meals for a week I’m lost!)

🐱 Every time, I’ll choose savoury over sweet, cats over dogs (don’t tell my dog!) and hens over alpacas (don’t tell my alpacas!)

🐾 Freedom is my strongest core value and for me this means (amongst other things) designing my business such that I can plan my days around the weather – hello outdoors – and keeping myself fit and healthy inside and out.

🥇 I don’t always believe in myself (the irony, right?) and my best friend once drew a pedestal, with me on top, on my kitchen wall to remind me that I AM good enough, always (and you are too!)

🎵 I love, love, love music, and my favourite way to feel like me is wild dancing in the kitchen every morning (so much so that I’ve made my own playlist, which you can grab here) and whilst finding new music on Spotify has become a real joy lately, you’ll always find Pink Floyd and Prince on my recently-listened list!

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