Sarah Lynas - Confidence Coach

Do you want to let go of self-doubt, understand who you really are & what you’re here to do?


Are you ready to feel confident at last?

You’re in the right place…

I’m Sarah Lynas, mindset coach and human design guide and I believe we all deserve to feel confident.

I help clients to build deep self-belief so they learn to trust themselves, releasing the unhelpful beliefs and thought patterns that got in the way. 

Working with me enables them to feel confident to take the next steps on their journey.


As a qualified coach & master NLP practitioner, I have a wealth of tools and techniques to support you.

When we work together, you might prefer to begin our journey by focusing purely on coaching. Or you may prefer to start by discovering your unique human design profile. I trust you to know what’s right for you.

Either way I’ll be your challenger and cheerleader as you build the confidence you deserve.


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I believe in connection, in balance and in you.

I believe in challenging the status quo. that less is almost always more and, I believe this very deeply, that quiet is oh-so-powerful.

I believe in change, and in the kind of support that’s both a warm hug and a kick-up-the-backside, nourishing, fierce and so-very-spacious.

And, I believe that all of us can re-discover our lost confidence and stand taller, put ourselves first for once and do the amazing things we’re on this planet to do!


“Coaching with Sarah is like getting the green light to go ahead when you’ve been stuck on red for years!”

G Robson, Senior Consultant

How I went from ‘stuck’ to ‘action’

“Before working with Sarah I felt unsure about whether and how to pursue my work goals; I was worried about whether my ideas would be deemed silly, rejected or criticised and so sat with them and did nothing…

It was great to have someone help me to see how deeply my self-doubt holds me back, how I have been stuck unable to pursue my goals out of fear of rejection. 

But now, I can see where self-doubt is showing up and the biggest change I’ve noticed is an attitude of ‘just do it’ – less over-thinking, more action – and now I have the promotion I wanted!”

Julie Davis