“I would recommend Sarah’s workshops to anyone wishing to reconnect with themselves”

“Sarah made us all feel at ease so that we could share our experiences freely & support each other.

I felt really empowered after my course which helped me connect to others having found self-belief in what I was doing at home and at work”

Ellie M.


“I didn’t realise how powerful the vision board would be!”

“I’m now feeling very focused and in control of where life is taking me!”

“The workshop provided the space and clarity that I needed to work through a real sticking point I had reached in my life.”

“The workshop was enlightening.

Sarah shares very valuable ideas and ways in which you can create your own goals and believe in yourself, so that things begin to happen in your business.

It really was the shake up I needed.

Lucy Sheffield, Artist & Author

When is my next workshop?

Great question! I don’t have always have dates listed as I like to add workshops to the diary when my energy feels good or when I sense they are most needed.

The best way to hear about workshops (free and paid) as well as group coaching programmes is to subscribe to my weekly-ish letters as subscribers are the first to hear!

Alternatively if you would like to talk about me hosting a private workshop for your team or a group of friends please do get in touch, let’s see what we can make possible 🌟

I love working with organisations who ‘get’ what I do!

Over the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to partner with a number of organisations and network-marketing team leaders who know that my calm, approachable style is just what their team need, to build confidence, be happier and more productive.

If you would like to talk about private workshops for your team (online or in person) please do click here to get in touch, or use the scheduling link below, I’d love to hear from you.

The Courage Club:

If you run your own business, you’re already capable, creative and independent… just think what you could achieve with a leadership team in your corner!

When you work alone, it’s easy to get caught up in spirals, or in details, knowing you would be moving forward if only you could run an idea past someone, or ask for advice.

Sometimes, as they say, it takes a village!

So I’m bringing together a group of like-minded people, to support, challenge and cheerlead each other, and using action learning sets to show you how to ask better questions along the way, of yourself, and others.

Please do contact me to find out more and be part of this exciting adventure!


If you would like to talk about how I can support you to build self-belief within your team with workshops or group programmes please do book a virtual brew with me just here.