As a good friend often reminds me… it ain’t bragging if you done it

Do you have those days when overwhelm is high and it’s all just a bit much? Me too. In this blog I share a short story of recent too-much-ness because I want you to know, it’s not just you.

Here’s what happened

A little background… 

I took a step back in spring to really get deep into what my clients wanted from me as a coach, interviewing business owners who felt overwhelmed, going round in circles and just generally feeling ‘stuck’.

This was so that I could create workshops, courses and coaching packages to really get under the skin of what’s holding them back and what could really power them forward, so all good stuff.

However, doing the research turned out to a fabulous safe space to hide and I stayed too long…

Getting visible again has stirred up ALL the self-doubt. I’m vulnerable now, putting new stuff out into the world and wondering, wondering, wondering… is it good enough?

  • Is is useful, accessible, buyable?
  • What if it isn’t?
  • What does that mean about me?

The whirling in my head slows my words so that I feel less-than as a writer, communicator, fellow human.

How can I share my value with you if I can’t string together a coherent sentence?

What if I have no value, what then? The whirling continues. There’s no content in my head; I might be listening to the dishwasher for all the use it is. At it’s loudest I go outside and pull up weeds in the garden, my long-term medicine for a headful of white noise and a churning stomach.

The sudden realisation that this is anxiety hits hard, doubles me over and leaves me certain, if I wasn’t before, that I cannot do this.

How can I, overwhelmed balancing family, home and my small business, possibly help other people in the same place?

And yet, fifty seven weeds later, my mind has settled, the panic gone. I know the answer to this. Of course I do.

A good friend often reminds me “it ain’t braggin’ if you done it”

Here’s what I do. I look at what I’ve already done. I look at the testimonials and kind comments people have shared with me about my work. (I have loads by the way, and recommend you collect them too if you’re in business.)

Some of my favourites for today…

“I would definitely recommend Sarah to those seeking clarity and vision” 

“I welcomed the much needed head space and felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders”

“In a very relaxed and enjoyable way, Sarah enabled the team to refocus, see our collective vision again and gave us the tools to stay on track”

I’m in THE best place to help, to coach, cheerlead and challenge other humans going through the fog.

And yes, we do get through, the sunshine IS out there folks.

Until I re-framed the idea, I saw testimonials as vanity. Now I see them as evidence of what I’ve achieved, what I’m capable of. Not so much for you to see just what I can do. But so I can see it.

*breathes deeply, head clears*

If you have moments of self-doubt, please remember that it’s totally ok to reflect on what you did a bloody good job of!

It’s powerful to see evidence that you DO have value, you CAN do this.

You’ve done it = you can do it again. And you’ll grow along the way = bonus.

And, it’s ok to share your evidence because… it ain’t bragging if you done it!