Change is the only constant…

I bet you’re seeing signs of change around you all around you all the time, right?

Nature is the best place to spot these, for me, and it’s a joy to look for those evolutions each day, big or small.

Closer to home, I’ve noticed many quick changes too in my own state of mind this last few weeks* and no doubt you have too… it’s not always easy to remember that the changes will bring growth, however slow it may feel. (*originally written in the early weeks of covid19)

Shock, restlessness, calm, intrigue, sadness, acceptance… to name but a few. 

And this can be exhausting; keeping up with our own emotions, comparing with the ‘progress’ of others as we each adjust and making judgements as to ‘how we’re doing’, alongside nurturing your business, adjusting to a new role (or lack of clear role) and possibly home-schooling too.

What I know to be true is that each emotion, each energy, each state of mind passes and that, along the way, my ideal state is one of kind curiosity, as gentle as I would be checking out the changes in nature.

“I wonder why I’m feeling that just now” is a great question for me. 

And “where am I feeling that?” followed by really feeling it.

I talk about this a lot in my work with clients and in these letters to you, because it’s really important not to judge yourself when you feel something you’d rather not be feeling. Especially now as we find ourselves in unprecedented times.

Have you come across the change curve (or you may know it as the grief curve, although it does apply to most change) which describes the likely flow of emotions following a change in your life? 

This is a well documented journey for many sizes and types of change, positive or negative. It’s worth remembering that it’s not as linear as it looks, often including a few loop-the-loops, and that we each move through it differently. 

Some people seemed to take a shortcut to ‘integration’ whilst others seem to be staying in ‘frustration’ (note that they may only seem to be at that stage…!) 

Take a look and see what stages you recognise in yourself and in others around you. Know that wherever you are today, tomorrow, next week, is exactly ok. It’s where you’re meant to be.

It’s important to note that the words on this graphic are not definitive, so you can choose your own to make it feel more relevant. Personally, I’m hovering around decision this week (though I’m calling it acceptance), and I feel settled today; last week was less positive. 

(I will note too, that as someone still enjoying a regular reproductive cycle, my energies shift with this too and it’s incredibly useful for me to be aware of where I am in my cycle for this reason! I’m always happy to chat more about this subject, email me if you’d like to know more.)

On your journey this week, be curious, be gentle, let go of judgement.

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