Human Design: what is Strategy?

Strategy is how you energy is designed to interact with the world, based on your human design Type. It’s the way in which you messages from the universe and it’s also how to get into alignment so that your energy flow is smooth and flowing.

Unhelpful conditioning means we often go about life in a way that just does not work for us, wonder why it’s not feeling easeful, and end up acting out of fear or hurt, which in turn creates more unhelpful beliefs about our worth and our safety. When this happens the Ego is taking over, and it’s not great at showing you the way!

On the other hand, when  you use your Strategy and Authority (which is your body) to interact and make decisions life can become full of ease and flow…

Hey I’m Sarah, human design & confidence coach.

I guide women during times of change, helping them to build their foundation self-belief and giving them full permission to be exactly who they’re designed to be, living and working with ease and flow. If this sounds like you, I’m inviting you to book a 1-1 session with me here to get started on our journey together, or take a first step by downloading your free human design chart here.

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