what is human design anyway?

Hello you.

Today I’m sharing something I’ve only hinted at here before; Human Design.

Why? because it’s having a big impact on how I’m showing up in the world, and it’s become an important part of my work now, so it seems a bit odd not to talk about it really. 

So why haven’t I already talked openly about it? Because, well, it’s one of those things isn’t it, a bit like when I ‘admitted’ to loving tarot, or say that I ‘believe in’ vision boards… there’s a little voice inside “will people still like me when I say this out loud?” 

*** speaking of “out loud” you can now listen to this as a podcast over on Apple etc***

Maybe this is you too, but I feel real vulnerability when I tell the world about something that lights me up “what if someone squashes my shiny new toy?” I feel the imposter in me wondering if I really know enough “who am I to talk about this thing?” And I feel empty at the thought that no one will notice or care what I share.

So, what’s with Human Design then…

My journey to Human Design was quite a long one. I first came across it a few years ago when someone asked me what my ‘design’ was. 

My what?” I had a look at my free chart online what on earth is this crazy mass of numbers in a weird shape? no thank you

It next came up on a retreat when I sat next to a HD coach and she asked the same question “what’s your design?” I showed her the PDF I’d pointlessly saved. “Oh cool! You’ve got this and that, and this means such a thing and that means something else, wow!” and I’m still like, whaaat??

Things carried on a bit like that for years, with me occasionally looking at my free chart, feeling baffled and walking away again, until last year when out of the blue, I just knew I had to know more, and I went all in. I read, I researched, I got my chart read, and I was hooked.

In case you’re wondering, yes, that’s me. I LOVE my design; if you’re ready for the details I’m a 4/6 Sacral Generator with the Right Angle Cross of Laws. I’m on the planet to do the work I love, to tell stories, provide gentle & rebellious leadership, and reimagine & evolve the rules we live by.

Get your free chart here…

The biggest thing I discovered was that I’d been living completely out of alignment with the way I’m designed to be… no wonder I was so uncomfortable for so long.

It’s beyond exciting to know now exactly how my energy works and how I’m designed to show up, what superpowers I bring to the world and how I can heal from the conditioning that’s been in the way.

Yes, but what is human design?

It’s a system that combines astrology, the chakra system, the Kabbalah and the Chinese I-Ching, an ancient divination & self development tool. Oh and some particle physics.

It’s a user manual for you. Your own unique blueprint for life.

It’s the ultimate profiling tool but unlike Myers’s Briggs & DISC there’s no quiz to fill out, no way you can cheat the system and get the profile you secretly want. It’s based entirely on when you were born and what the planets were up to at that moment. Honestly I hear myself say that and a part of me still wonders how on earth that sky-picture can translate to a profile that’s both highly accurate and incredibly useful? And yet it does. 

Here’s how.

That sky-picture from your birth time lights up different points on the energy flow around your body, giving you an energy signature (type). Are you here to start things, to build things, to experiment and make mistakes, to guide or to reflect back exactly what’s going on?

If you’re here as a guide you might have been called lazy while you were growing up and told to be faster, go get things done. If you’re here to get loads done you might have been told to sit still and be quiet. Very often we’re conditioned to be different to what feels natural for us, and that conditioning can stick around clogging up our bodies, leaving us feeling a bit wrong, or out of kilter, not quite ourselves.

Knowing your energy type, and honouring it, means you get to feel like YOU.

Where your chakras (centres) are lit up by that energy flow this shows you how you’re designed to make decisions (authority) – and it’s always with the body, not the mind! Yet so often we override that inner knowing with logic, with pros and cons, or other people’s opinions. All of which makes it easy to say yes to the wrong things. So we end up exhausted and getting nowhere. I have so many examples of this in my life…

Knowing how you’re designed to make decisions means you say yes to the right things for YOU, the right people, the right opportunities… which is energising and confidence-building too.

The lit up chakras (centres) also give you clues as to where you might have layers of conditioning, and how to recondition gently too. And each of the lit up points (gates) offers you a superpower, if you’re willing to look at where you might be operating in the shadow of that power.

Knowing how and where you’re designed to shine means you can embrace the reconditioning process, look the shadows right in the eye, and transform them into your greatest strengths.

There’s more… it’s a rich and intriguing system, and it comes with some very simple and easy starting blocks. If you want to get your free chart, I made that easy for you here… and if you want me to translate it for you and share some easy ways for you to start living your design, you can book that here.

“For anyone wanting to understand more about themselves I thoroughly recommend Sarah’s Human Design Unpack. It gave me some tremendous insight about my own design, and how I can make the most of it going forward.”

You might have picked up that knowing and living your design can be very, very good for your self-belief, confidence and well-being, amongst other things…

Which is the main reason I’m ALL IN. Because we all need more of those right?

Do you know and / or love your design already?