You’ve had 156 wins this year (and how I know I’m right)

As we come to the end of 2021, let me share with you one of the things I’m doing to boost my energy and my self-belief…

I don’t know about you, but for me, this last week or so before Christmas is often a thoughtful one*.

Despite an autumn declutter a few weeks ago, I still feel an extra urge to tidy as we approach the holidays… my photo roll, my office and my phone (I mean, who needs all those apps?) all push forward for my attention in this week.

It’s a time of reflection…

At the same time, I’m reflective, I want to dive into my cave and quietly look back over my year, I want to journal, check what the moon is up to, and play with tarot and I always, always return to my girl-crush on Susannah Conway at just this point in December; I have her Unravel Your Year pdf printed out ready to go (and excited that I found a friend on Instagram who does this too; co-accountability!) If you join in with this free and reflective process, do tell me!

Today then, I’m wrapping up last year’s bullet journal. For the last few years I’ve used the bujo method for keeping track of my weeks, my habits and my to-do lists; it’s an evolving practice and I’ve been through (and come out of!) the phase of trying to make it all beautiful as I go (and I know some people are put off trying a bullet journal because it can look so like an art project; don’t be fooled! It’s simple and powerful, with or without watercolours! you only need a pad and a pen; check it out here)

As I’ve played around with various styles and page layouts, one of the things that has stuck with me all year is this.

Three wins. Simple.

Every single week, I write down “three wins” at the top of my page with three bullet points right there. And every single week I fill in those bullet points, with big or small wins. Sounds simple right? And it is!

Firstly, of course, the writing of those wins brings a big smile in the moment and not only that, I also get to flick back whenever I need a boost, whenever I’m feeling like smiles are beyond me; I always find something that brings a grin to my face 🌟

Here’s a few of my 2021 wins:

  • going to tai-chi for the first time
  • re-publishing all my blogs
  • a lovely chat with my best friend
  • finding a new paddle-boarding spot
  • signing a new client
  • a lunch-time walk

AND there are 150 others that I’m reading through right now with a big smile and so much gratitude. I’m thinking about the big stuff; some fabulous work I’ve done, the amazing people I’ve spent time with (some of you are reading this today), the mini-adventures I’ve enjoyed… and also the small stuff; notes from friends, the moments I’ve been brave and reached out for support, and I’m recognising the weeks when I’ve found it hard to know what to write yet I have always found something… seriously, one hundred and fifty-six wins… do I believe in myself right now? Oh yes!

I want you to believe in yourself just as much… here’s how:

🌟take a look back over your diary or your calendar and note down your big or small wins for this year; your favourite wins might be the simplest ones, a moment in time… don’t let your brain tell you they don’t count, because they often count the most 🙂

🌟write those wins somewhere you can find them easily over the coming weeks and remember to do just that whenever you need a well-deserved boost! And I know that if you’d started in January you’d be looking at 156 wins right now (well, OK, nearly, I’m counting to new year, you know that right?!)

🌟make a pact with yourself (or with me!) that you’ll note down your wins during 2022 

*I get to take this time in the week before Christmas because we’ve created some family boundaries and habits that make the festive season super-easeful… I’m not telling you this to feel smug, but as an invitation to you to join me. I believe Christmas can be a time for rest and joy if we let it be. I often talk about this in the run-up; here’s a recent blog you might enjoy (maybe it’s too late for this year, or maybe it’ll give you some ideas for next year) And if you have some hints & tips to share with me, please hit reply, I’d love to hear them!