“You wouldn’t think it was possible to make a difference in just 15 minutes a week… but we did!

Sarah kept me focused and held me accountable. And she helped me see my way through the tricky moments with her intuitive questions. Without Sarah’s prompts my book, The Pink Widow, would still be sat on my laptop… instead it’s been published… how’s that for a shift?!”

Claire Walsh-Jones | Author | Out of the Box Books

This is for you if:

  • You’ve figured out what you want to do and taken the plunge, but having your own business isn’t quite all you imagined… yet.
  • You’re going round in circles, feeling like you’re just playing at it as you move forward one day and retreat the next? 
  • You’re starting the week fired up and end the week feeling flat?
  • And spending longer questioning yourself than you spend getting things done?
  • You have ideas coming out of your ears, and you just know you could be amazing!
  • All you need is someone to be accountable to…

What if…

… instead of working alone, you knew that someone was right there with you every week, checking in, supporting you, caring.

🌟 Imagine how much further you could go with someone by your side…

🌟 Imagine having someone right there to celebrate the wins and support you through the wobbles…

🌟 Imagine trusting yourself more each week as you feel the new momentum you really can create?

I created this accountability package for women like you, so that you would have the accountability you deserve… and reach the goals you deserve too.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 4x 15 minute calls per month: start your month with a focused call, sharing:​​
    • what you need to get done​
    • how you’ll stay on track
    • how you’ll celebrate your wins!
  • Email follow up: at the end of each call I’ll send you a relevant journaling prompt inspired by our call, to really get you thinking during the week
  • Voxer or WhatsApp check-ins: sharing the wins & wobbles as they happen will keep you focused & build the momentum you’re looking for! (Voxer is the powerful voice-mail & message app I use with all my 1-1 clients) 

Get in touch to ask about rates & availability

(minimum 3 month sign up, ie 13 weeks)

Get in touch

I know that a decision to invest in yourself and your business can feel exciting and scary at the same time. 

When you’re ready to explore this option, simply book your free discovery call – scroll to the bottom of this page – to ask as many questions as you need and to check we’re a good fit (no pressure, no strings).


“Shift has been amazing for shifting me to a more positive mindset and helping me stay on track each week…

Previously I would set myself a huge to-do list each day or aim for a certain number of hours, and usually end up feeling I had failed.

This gentler, infinitely more positive goal-setting method has made me much more productive and focused. I also waste less time and energy being hard on myself.

I’m discovering there is always learning, an upside or a win to be found.”

Sarah Varley | Freelance copywriter | Letterpress Content

Reconnect with YOU, and nurture the self-belief you deserve.

If you’re lacking confidence in your own abilities right now, you’re probably also going round in circles, finding it hard to make decisions AND feeling like it’s just you? 

Perhaps as the family grows up, you’re feeling like it’s your time to do something for you. Discover YOU. Find out just what you could do, if you believed in yourself

Maybe you need a permission slip to start that journey. Or you’d like a guide to walk alongside. I’ve got you.

In my work, I support quiet, sensitive women to believe in themselves and work in a way that’s just right for them. 

I feel more empowered & trusting of myself

I felt really safe to say as much or as little as I wanted in each moment & got some amazing clarity as Sarah gave me the space to explore my issue in my own time. That kind of gentle yet reassuring support isn’t easy to find.

She nudged me when I needed it and it actually felt really empowering to find the freedom to think and feel in the way that felt right for me.  

I now feel clearer, more focused and less worried about my next steps.

Katie Elsworth, Holistic Coach www.heartspacewellbeing.com


Looking for more?

If you know that you’re ready to be fully supported as you grow your self-belief AND your business, check out my coaching options here and book in a virtual brew to check if we’re a good fit to work together.

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If you’d like to find out if we’re a good fit for coaching or accountability, simply book in a free no-strings virtual brew right here. It’ll be a relaxed half-hour call to find out more about each other, and I promise never any pressure to book further calls.