How to manage all the feelings of decluttering

By now you probably get that decluttering is a pretty good thing to do for lots of reasons, but maybe you’re conscious that it’ll bring up ALL the feelings and you’re letting that get in the way of starting?

When you learn how to re-frame the processes used in a good old sort-out, you’ll see how much more connected you can be to yourself and your self-trust too. All of this is so great for self-belief building and so it’s no surprise I’m excited to share my learnings with you!

(If you’ve already created a clear vision of how your decluttered world will be, you don’t need to read this first!)

Here’s how to manage all the feelings of decluttering…

I’m going to share with you how to stop big emotions getting in the way of you decluttering your home or business.

Why? because undoubtedly it’s one of the key things that stops people from letting go of stuff they no longer want in their lives, stuff that weighs them down and causes overwhelm.

Unfortunately most of us just stop at “oh I can’t possibly let this go because…” and continue living with the anxiety and stress…

Yes, decluttering can bring up a lot of emotions!

This is especially true for introverts and highly sensitive people who are prone to infusing EVERYTHING with feelings and memories…

  • Guilt about not wanting things we were gifted
  • Shame that we wasted money on something never used
  • Fear that we’ll let go of something we can NEVER get back
  • Impatience at just how long it will take to get straight

But, how would it feel if you could manage those big emotions and actually let go?

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Separate the gift from the giver

Letting go of gifts you were given doesn’t mean you don’t like the person anymore.

Keeping everything you were given, to spare the feelings of the giver, will not bring you joy, or peace. Feel gratitude for the sentiment and release that gift into the world; someone else WILL love it.

2. Be grateful for the lessons you learned

Holding onto mistake purchases will only weigh you down.

Notice what you learned, be grateful for the lesson, and let it go.

3. Think abundance, not scarcity

By worrying about all the reasons you might need something, one day, you are clogging up your thoughts with negativity; let go and trust you have all you need.

By leaning into gratitude and abundance you will quickly free yourself of much of what has weighed you down, leaving you lighter and more joyful.

4. Keep your vision in mind

When you are clear on why you are doing this, and what you want to feel like when you are finished, you are much more likely to find the patience to keep going. Yes, it will feel messy and never-ending, but I promise, you can do this and you will absolutely benefit from all the work you put in now.

If you’d like support along the way, read on…

Are you ready for a declutter in your world?

I’ve created a gentle email flow guiding you through a full household declutter over five weeks. 

It’s called Creating Space for Self-Belief, and I know from experience that taking time to clear the unwanted stuff from your life genuinely has life-changing effects on your energy and the way you think about yourself, your confidence and your work.

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