Why having a vision is so important

“If you don’t know where you’re going any road will take you there.”

Lewis Carrol was absolutely right, and you’ve ever set out to do something important, and found yourself doing something completely different, perhaps you can see why.

The paths available to you are infinite

Does this feel expansive to you? Overwhelming? Or downright terrifying?

Imagine being told you can take your next holiday, all expenses paid, anywhere in the world? How can you choose from the millions of destinations available? If you have no clear picture of your ideal break in mind, you’ll go round in circles for days before choosing something in a panic and wondering why it’s not paradise when you arrive!

So why don’t we create a clear vision of what we want often?

1. We don’t want to feel tied down to one option

How does it feel when you make a firm decision about what’s next? Freeing? Defeated? Trapped? Negative emotions probably mean your vision isn’t clear or motivating.

2. What if we haven’t made the right choice?

You can’t ever know if you’ve made the right choice, but if you have an exciting vision and you’re following it, you can know you’ve made the right choice FOR NOW.

3. What will people say if we change our minds?

Really? They’ll probably a/ not notice. Or b/ be impressed at the strength and flexibility it takes to change course. Because it’s OK to realise your ideal destination is no longer ideal, so long as you choose a new one and head there instead.

The not-knowing is exhausting.

Not to mention, it can really dent your self-belief to be questioning your path at every turn.

By creating yourself a motivating vision of your future, you’ll energise yourself to head in that direction, minimising distractions, and feeling clear and focused as you achieve your ideal goals.

How can you create your vision?

A vision board is a great way to get super-clear on what it is you want from life (or your business) next… and it can be as simple as one picture that sums up an energy for you, the feeling you are aiming for. Or it can be a full vision board, with money goals and different sections for work, home, relationships and fitness… it’s whatever works for you!

Because I know how impactful it can be to create your vision, I run regular vision board workshops throughout the year (online and in person near Clitheroe, Lancashire) details are here, or join my mailing list to be first to hear about new dates (fill in the form just below.)

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